Frankincense Essential Oil

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Frankincense Essential Oil 100% PureBotanical Name: Boswellia carteri
Plant Family: Burseraceae
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Plant Part: Oleo-gum resin
Growth Method: Wild Harvest
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Color: Pale Yellow
Consistency: Medium
Strength of Aroma: Strong

Unlike other aromatics, Frankincense essential oil is not obtained directly from the plant. It actually comes from an oleo-gum resin collected from several oriental trees of the genus Boswellia that grow in the Northeast Africa and Arabia. The primary species that Frankincense comes from is the Boswellia carteri; others include Boswellia frereana, Boswellia papyifera, Boswellia sacra and Boswellia serrata. The gum resin is harvested by making incisions into the bark. A milky-white, sticky liquid exuded from the cuts will slowly harden and crystallize into tear-shaped, white/amber/orange lumps. The lumps are then dissolved and distilled to produce the essential oil.

Frankincense essential oil has the ability to slow down and deepen the breath, and to breathe more slowly and deeply soon produces feelings of calm, which are very conductive to prayer and meditation. It is particularly active with regard to the lungs, and is one of the most valuable oils for use in respiratory infections. It is one of the best pulmonary antiseptics, calm coughs, and is indicated particularly where there is bronchial catarrh, for example, in chronic bronchitis. Use it in inhalations, massage and baths. Frankincense essential oil is very helpful for people with asthma, because of the way in which it slows and deepens the breathing.

In skincare, Frankincense essential oil is particularly helpful for older skins, and has a definite tonic effect, helping to restore some tone to slack looking facial skin, and slowing down the appearance of wrinkles. It may even reduce the extent of wrinkles that have already formed.

Frankincense essential oil has clean, fresh, turpentine top notes and sweet, warm, balsamic, camphoraceous, wood-smoke undertones.

Frankincense essential oil is a valuable aid to meditation and prayer, inspiring mystical, divine mind states and stilling the mind. It was traditionally used to drive away bad spirits, and it helps to break links with the past.

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Frankincense essential oil is generally regarded as non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.

Do not take essential oils internally or use without the guidance of a qualified practitioner. The information provided here is for general use only and is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. Pregnant women should always consult their physician prior to using.

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