Organic Helichrysum Hydrosol

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Botanical Name: Helichrysum angustifolium
Plant Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)
Country of Origin: South Africa
Processing Method: Cohobation (Recirculation)
pH value: 3.5 - 3.8
% Volatile Oil: 0.08 - 0.15

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Helichrysum hydrosol is best known to use in tandem with other essential oils and hydrosols. Combined with herbal treatments such as Black Radish, Milk Thistle and Artichoke, for example, it becomes an excellent liver-supporting treatment. Use it with Rose Hip seed oil, or with other hydrosols such as Carrot Seed, Sage and Frankincense, it can lessen scarring, heal ingrown hairs and improve skin care in general. Another benefit of the Helichrysum hydrosol is that it can be used in conjunction with the expensive immortelle essential oil to reduce the amount of oil needed for a long time treatment such as for broken bones. With its anti-inflammatory and cicatrizant properties, it is effective for healing wounds and tissue damage.
The dry, Mediterranean scent of Helichrysum hydrosol promotes a touch of herbaceous warmth reminiscent of hot summers.
Antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, cardiac calmative, carminative, cicatrizant, hepatic, pulmonary depurative, soothing, and regenerative.
Organic Helichrysum Hydrosol
Organic Helichrysum Hydrosol

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