Natural Green Aromatics

Since Natural Green Aromatics was launched in 2007, we have set a new standard that defines natural products. We look at things in different ways and always find answers in nature, which allow us to offer alternatives and new experiences. Our business started in the spring of 2007, originally sold our only product - pure essential oils. From there, Natural Green quickly expanded its product line from pure essential oils to hydrosols and aromatherapy blends. Soon after we launched the first aromatherapy blend in 2008, Natural Green became the most trusted name in the beauty and aromatherapy market in Canada, and has always been the leader in emphasizing essential oils specialties in aromatic products. Today, Natural Green has become a global manufacturer and retailer of naturally inspired and ethically produced aromatic products.

For many years, we have been involved in business practices that minimize the CO2 impact of our business operations to the environment. One of the ways would be keeping our products packing simple. That is why you will not find unnecessary packing materials along with your order. We also donate certain portion of our profit to help to plant trees in our community. By the year of 2009, Natural Green has helped to plant more than 30,000 trees and save at least 1,000 km square of forest.

At Natural Green, we understand customer satisfaction is everything. We, therefore, spare no effort to ensure our product quality. It is actually more than packing the essential oils into bottles before giving them to our customers. For every bottle, there is a series of tests behind it. First, all essential oils have to be GC tested upon their arrival at our warehouse. If there are any discrepancies between the results and our records, the whole shipment would be rejected. During storage, the oils are tested on regular basis, for example, once a week. It is finally GC tested again before bottling and putting into production for other products. All products are checked at each production stage before they are allowed to the next level. And finally, all items have to go through a final inspection by a dedicated quality control person prior shipment.

Today, our customer database consists of over 800 consumers and businesses, and our products are trusted by people in more than 50 countries around the world. As far as possible, we source our products from organic growers and distillers. And more importantly, we only import oils that are ethically produced. Whether you are a curious shopper or professional aromatherapist, Natural Green is here to bring you new experiences and alternatives. We hope you enjoy our products.
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