Grapeseed Oil

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Botanical Name: Vitus vinifera
Plant Family: Vitaceae
Plant Part: Seeds
Processing Method: Hot Extraction
Color: Pale Green to Clear
Consistency: Light
Strength of Aroma: Light


270 ml - CDN$ 33.99

1L - CDN$ 119.99

5L - CDN$ 399.99


A safe and natural oil, Grapeseed is an excellent carrier used for any essential oil. It is rich in linoleic acid and has wonderful skin moisturizing properties that hydrate thirsty and dry surfaces. Its vitamin E and antioxidant contents help fighting free radicals from the environment that attack the skin. It is a gentle emollient and has a very fine texture. It can smooth and soften the skin with a non-greasy, satiny finish. Grapeseed can be mixed with a heavier, more nutritious base oil for greater effect.
Shelf Life:
9 to 12 months with proper storage conditions. Refrigeration after opening is recommended.
Grapeseed Oil
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